What Can you learn from the life for sharing Campaign-1

Part 1

I thought as a first post of my own, I would rather talk about one of the most successful experiential marketing campaigns in the world,

I consider T-Mobile Life_for_Sharing_Campaign  is a bench mark for Marketer especially in the Golf Region, as I have seen so many flash Mob so called campaigns but never even came to the level of the Deutsche Telecom Company in the UK.

So I though of sharing this article with you to get an idea what Lies Behind the Successful life for sharing,

First of all, let have a look at different stages of this campaign :

T-Mobile Welcome Pack Heathrow Airport ( It is seriously touching )

T-Mobile Dance 

and finally

The Award wining Sing A Long Campaign.

So now, you should have received an idea what is it all about, but most importantly, lets go a bit deeper in details, and analyze what made this marketing campaign a mile stone ( at least in my own point of view) in modern marketing.

Oops, I thing it is better to continue the analysis in another post, because it will a bit detailed.


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