What is Experiential Marketing?

In order to understand the experiential marketing, more than one definition should be understood.

According to Shaz Smilansky, experiential marketing is

“the process of identifying and satisfying customer needs and aspirations, profitably engaging them through two way communications that bring brand personalities to life and adding value to its target audience”

Smilansky, thus put emphasis on the satisfaction of customers needs through engagement using a two way communication, in order to bring brand personalities to life to add value and meaning in its customers mind.

On the other hand, Fill defines experiential marketing as a face to face campaign that engages the target audience in the brand through stimulation of some or all the senses, which will result a deeper connection with individuals and convey a sense of the brand’s values. (Fill, 2009). The common points in both definitions are the emphasis on engagement element, and the emotional link between brand and consumers.

However, Fill, suggests that this engagement should happen by linking it to the human senses, which are, smell, touch, hear and see in order to put in life brand values and personalities. For instance, most academic marketers see experiential marketing as a tool to achieve marketing communication, however from a practitioner point of view, Kathernine S. Stone, a former Director of Experiential marketing at the Coca Cola Company suggests that experiential marketing is not one specific marketing tool, but it is an idea or mindset which focus on creating fresh connections between brands and consumers. Those connections are personally relevant, memorable, interactive and emotional ( S. Stone, cited in Kelly lll and Sliverstein, 2005).


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